Dr. Jan Telensky was born in communist Czechoslovakia. Jan left for England after Soviet Prague invasion when he was 21 with no money and unable to speak English. Through a family friend, he eventually landed a job on the assembly line at the Vauxhall car factory in Luton, and then a job as a security guard at the town’s airport. His aim in these jobs was always to improve his English. Then in 1973 came an opportunity to buy a delicatessen in Luton, catering mainly to Italians, Poles and other Eastern Europeans. Jan Telensky built up the business, selling it in 1976 for considerable sum.
Then, he put the money from the sale towards buying four houses for £10,000-£12,000 each. He did them up and rented them out – it was his first move into property development, a business he’s been involved in ever since.

When communism collapsed in 1989, Jan returned home and expanded his operations into what was now Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In 2004 Jan Telensky opened a water park and resort that is envirnmentally friendly – AquaCity Poprad.

Jan Telensky Charity

A subject close to Jan Telensky’s heart and one of the activities most important to him, is charitable work. This can take many forms e.g. the support of former soldiers, students, helping families and individuals in need, just to name a few. This page is dedicated to some of the projects Jan Telensky was involved in.